State of the Waterbear 2015

Welcome to the State of the Waterbear. I want to talk about what has happened in the past year, what is coming soon (or not so soon) and solicit feedback. This year has seen work from two groups of Read More

How To Make A Simple Game In Waterbear

Making a game can be hard. There’s so many pieces inside of the simplest game that trying to do it with no prior experience can be near impossible. That’s why I am making this guide. A tutorial can help you...

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Code Refactoring & Reworking in Waterbear

Refactoring code is an important step in the development process, but can get pretty complicated when working on an open source project. When the contributors on a project are constantly changing, it is common for code to stay in its...

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Code Coverage Report for Waterbear

So we have all heard many times about how important it is to test our code, and there are many ways to do so, but when discussing unit testing it is especially important to consider how we’ll know what parts...

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Working with Waterbear Blocks

I figured now that I have been working with waterbear for a few weeks it was time for me to write a blog detailing how waterbears block structure works. When I first got into working with waterbear I found it...

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The Hidden Power of Testing

Not along ago, when programming was just a hobby, I thought there was nothing more to testing code than:

  1. writing some code
  2. checking that it compiles
  3. running it
  4. checking that it did what you expected it to do.
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Using the right tool for your purpose

When I first started learning about Waterbear, I thought it was another way to get kids to start learning about programming concepts. With this goal in mind, there was a long list of features I thought we had to add...

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Coding Shouldn’t Be Scary

Hello there brave reader. There are going to be a lot of questions on the coming post, but I want to start off with a simple one: have you ever written a program before? If no, then this post is...

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Multimethods for JavaScript

[Originally posted to Living Code]

I’ve been thinking a lot about generic methods, aka multimethods, aka multiple dispatch. The idea, as I understand it, is that instead of dispatching a method on the type of it’s class, to dispatch...

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Waterbears congregate in Vancouver

Traveling from the currently freezing lands of Ontario and Alberta, five new UCOSP students arrived at the SFU Surrey campus this past weekend to met up with Dethe (Waterbear’s creator) and join the Waterbear team.

UCOSP is a program that...

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